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3M Factory
Electrical Panels Manufacturing

3M  is the title of quality and safety



3M Electrical Systems has dealt with a number of companies operating in various fields such as sewage stations, seaports, hospitals, contracting companies, food manufacturing companies, and residential towers.



The structures of the low-voltage electrical panels are built according to the most advanced engineering technologies in the electrical field, making available to their customers panel products that are characterized by high performance, with a nominal current of up to 6300 A and a short-time electric current of up to 100 kA, with high cohesion, so our mission is to manufacture the best and the finest original boards, enabling our customers to rely on our unique service systems to provide the best in value, service, and delivery for our products.


Our vision

To compete in the local and international market by providing all electrical panels with high quality in the fastest time and at the lowest price to serve the customer in the best way.

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